Prioritize the human element when building communities

Effective and efficient smart planning uses a location-based, data-driven approach and prioritizes the human element in community design. Urban and community planners are achieving critical strategic goals like policy development through location intelligence. These planners play a key role in meeting challenges such as unemployment and lack of equal opportunity. Using GIS technology, planners determine how, when, and where their designs can have the greatest impact.

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Esri's Urban and Community Planning solution

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What's included in your subscription

Use an existing ArcGIS Online subscription or add Esri's configuration of 10 Creator and 50 Viewer user types with 10,000 annual credits. This provides free access to ArcGIS Solutions for planning, five annual subscriptions to ArcGIS Community Analyst, and includes the following:

ArcGIS Hub Premium

This community engagement software allows organizations to work with internal and external stakeholders, track progress, and improve outcomes.

100 Creator user types (secure logins)

10,000 annual service credits

ArcGIS Urban

Plus Policy Validation App

ArcGIS Urban and the Policy Validation App create a 3D experience designed to drive policy and improve urban planning and decision-making.

10 annual subscriptions

ArcGIS Pro Standard

The next generation desktop GIS supports data visualization, advanced analysis, and authoritative data maintenance.

Requires Creator user type

ArcGIS Insights

Fuse location analytics with open data science and business intelligence workflows. Answer questions you didn't know to ask.

1 annual subscription

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