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ArcGIS Adoption Strategy Insight Series

An agriculture webinar series

Registration includes access to two live sessions and six videos released weekly.

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A large tractor in a field overlaid by abstract graphics of dots in a winding pattern and bars in shades of orange

A digital transformation begins with people

Achieving the operational benefits of precision and smart farming relies on a successful adoption of new technologies and mindsets. In this series, experts will share key insights on the challenges and opportunities that change creates. Learn about the framework that organizations are using to drive ArcGIS adoption and establish new workflows, and discover how a geographic approach enhances sustainability and benefits your organization.

Follow along with the series by downloading the action plan guide to document key information that will help support your organization's adoption strategy.

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A graphic in blue and orange that includes an abstract dot pattern overlaid by parallelograms showing farm fields, a map, and a mobile worker in the field

Your guide to effective change

This eight-week series includes a live introductory session, six short videos released weekly, and a live panel discussion. Register below to access both live sessions.


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Learn from experts how a people-focused change management approach can help your next ArcGIS project.