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Two people wearing yellow safety gear share a tablet display with a red emergency vehicle in the background

A safer world is mapped in the cloud

Learn more about the transformation of public safety and emergency response with solutions from Esri and Microsoft.

Two people wearing yellow safety gear share a tablet display with a red emergency vehicle in the background

Improve public safety with geospatial technology

Public safety organizations face increasing challenges in managing and responding to emergencies and other critical incidents. To address these challenges, Microsoft and Esri have developed a suite of cloud-based services and solutions that enable public safety agencies to access and analyze real-time data, collaborate more effectively, and make faster and more informed decisions.

Public safety agencies harness the power of cloud-hosted GIS

Public safety agencies are increasingly turning to cloud-hosted geographic information systems (GIS) to improve their situational awareness, decision-making, and response times. In this panel discussion, experts from Microsoft and Esri share their insights on how this leading cloud technology can benefit public safety agencies and the challenges and opportunities that come with adopting it.

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An emergency medical technician wearing orange safety gear uses a tablet while sitting inside an emergency vehicle

Empowering public safety with cloud solutions

Learn how Microsoft and Esri are working together to support public safety agencies with powerful cloud solutions, including ArcGIS Enterprise on Microsoft Azure, ArcGIS Online, ArcGIS for Microsoft 365, and others. This webinar discusses the benefits of these solutions, such as increased situational awareness, improved response times, and enhanced communication and coordination between agencies.

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A close focus photo of a pair of hands holding a tablet displaying a concentration map with a wall-mounted map display in the background

Emergency operations with geospatial data in the cloud

In emergency operations, having accurate and timely information is crucial for effective decision-making and response. This webinar explores how Esri's geospatial intelligence capabilities—when hosted on the Microsoft Cloud—can empower emergency operations with real-time data and collaboration tools. Join Esri and Microsoft to learn how Azure drives innovation in the field of GIS and enables emergency operations to maintain shared situational awareness throughout incident response.

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A person wearing a hooded sweatshirt sitting at a metal desk in an emergency control room using three monitors, all displaying coordinating map dashboards

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