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GIS & BIM Cloud Collaboration for AEC

Transforming project delivery

Streamline how teams design, build, and hand over infrastructure projects in a geospatial context

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Digital models and renderings of bridges, highways, and railroad tracks overlaid with three images of different maps

Digital project delivery evolving with cloud collaboration

The way infrastructure is planned, engineered, constructed, and maintained is changing thanks to the cloud. Project teams are increasingly distributed and remote, and they require cloud-based access to connected design and construction information.

Innovative planning strategies and standards like ISO 19650 are helping to transform outcomes—from delivery to operations. AEC firms need to connect building information modeling (BIM) projects in a geospatial context while making collaboration more agile.

Four people sitting around a table looking at and pointing to a large screen displaying details of an infrastructure project

AEC firms integrating GIS and BIM on projects



François Appéré—Arcadis

“Teams have highlighted the need for robust standards and agreements to connect geographic and building information successfully.”

François Appéré

Global Autodesk Platform Lead, Arcadis

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