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ArcGIS Indoors and Indoor Positioning Systems

Bringing the blue dot indoors

Indoors webinar series

About indoor positioning

Indoor positioning, also commonly referred to as IPS or indoor GPS, provides mobile users with detailed location information inside buildings. Adding a blue dot to the indoor map, allows users to locate themselves and navigate to any point of interest inside the building in real time. By utilizing positioning, other location based solutions such as asset tracking and analytics are enabled. These allow businesses across various industries to streamline their internal workflows, increase engagement and interaction with the building and enhance customer satisfaction. Indoors is where we spend 90% of our lifetime and also where the majority of mobile data is consumed. Providing building visitors with the best possible indoor experience and leveraging the obtained location data, helps businesses gain a leading edge and become future proof.

Why choose Esri to enable IPS

The Indoor Positioning System provided by Esri allows for unprecedented accuracy and stability. This is possible by combining best-in-class Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology with sensor fusion and smart algorithms.
  • Mobile compatibility - Always at your users’ fingertips - all they need to enjoy the benefits of the IPS is their mobile device.
  • IPS agnostic - Comes with cutting-edge BLE technology and support for WiFi, but will also support other leading IPS providers.
  • Seamless transition - Allows for seamless outdoor-to-indoor transition and immediate floor recognition for a smooth navigation experience.
  • Unified solution - Holistic system offering state-of-the-art indoor maps, indoor positioning, ArcGIS and mobile apps from a single source. All you need in just one package.
  • Cross platform - Designed to work on the leading mobile operating systems, iOS and Android.


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