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Reinvent a Hybrid Workplace with ArcGIS Indoors

Enhance productivity and maintain safety in hybrid workplaces

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Create and maintain a dynamic workplace with indoor GIS

Modernize floor plan data management by converting building information modeling (BIM) and computer-aided design (CAD) data into geospatial data using ArcGIS Indoors. This suite of products and tools is an easy-to-deploy software as a service (SaaS) or on-site deployment offering that includes secure user identities as needed. Manage floor plans, inventory data, personnel information, and space measurements in a geodatabase, and use GIS to create maps, graphs, charts, and images.

The app template, ArcGIS Indoors Space Planner, can illustrate seating arrangements and asset locations as an analytical layer to facilitate planning. It brings spatial analytics inside the building to deliver the insight decision-makers need to ensure workplace productivity.

An empty corporate office with desks, chairs, and computers on the perimeter and a conference room in the center

Implement innovative hybrid workspaces

The pandemic has changed the way organizations plan their use of indoor space. Harness the power of location intelligence with ArcGIS Indoors to modernize floor plan data management, facilitating better planning and improved safety and flexibility across your organization.


How it works.

ArcGIS Indoors connects floor plans, inventory data, personnel information, and more into a geodatabase to enable creating maps that provide a common operating picture.

Three employees wearing masks working on laptops, seated

Use maps to optimize workspace arrangements

Use the buildings or floor levels filter to view the clear space layout and create seating arrangements that comply with social distancing guidelines. See the number of seats or employees assigned in a given area and make decisions based on safe space percentage, workplace density, and more. Share seat assignments across the organization to keep employees informed and enhance safety.

A screenshot of ArcGIS Indoors on a laptop displaying a map and dashboards that show numbers and graphs related to workspace arrangement

Reserve office space remotely

Space Planner lets organizations control which offices are available as office hotels. Employees can use the Indoors Mobile to easily assign temporary office space or meeting rooms based on different criteria (e.g., office with window), then navigate on-site using the indoor wayfinding functionality

Screenshots of ArcGIS Indoors Space Planner app on a desktop and mobile device

Manage service requests using GIS

Connect ArcGIS Indoors to your work order management system to submit location-based service requests and map task information on both desktop and mobile devices. Filter per type of work order (e.g., a room in need of sanitization), and monitor the status of each task on a single dashboard.

Screenshots of ArcGIS Indoors being used on a mobile device and desktop, showing service request queues, images, and maps.

Repurpose unused areas

ArcGIS Indoors can help businesses evaluate and gain insight into current space usage and plan for future needs. Identify underutilized areas and repurpose them as sanitization stations, no-contact temperature checking areas, or as needed.

An empty office with brick walls, a cement floor, bookshelves and armchairs with a graphic of a red location icon in the center

Improve work safety with proximity analysis

Track movement of individuals indoors with an indoor positioning system (IPS). This real-time location information allows you to quickly identify any in-office employees or guests who may have come into proximity with an affected individual.

A screenshot of ArcGIS Indoors on a laptop, with a map in the center and dashboards on either side showing the contact tracing feature

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