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Spatial Analytics in Microsoft Fabric

Powered by Esri

Esri and Microsoft are reshaping how everyone works with data. Accelerate the time to insights with the world’s most trusted spatial analytics delivered within a single unified platform.

Empower spatial decision-making within Microsoft Fabric

For over 25 years, Microsoft and Esri, the global leader in GIS and location intelligence, have been collaborating to help customers unlock the full potential of their data to improve operational and business results. 

Esri and Microsoft have joined forces to transform decision-making by integrating spatial insights into Microsoft Fabric. Within Fabric's unified analytics platform, you will have access to a range of reliable spatial functions and tools that reveal spatial patterns and trends. You will be able to seamlessly deliver results into Microsoft 365 and across the Fabric environment. Or explore further by leveraging the interactive mapping capabilities and software as a service (SaaS) offerings in Esri’s ArcGIS technology stack.

A chart illustrating the relationship between spatial tools and the benefits of OneLakeA chart illustrating the relationship between spatial tools and the benefits of OneLake

Unlock the potential of location data

Spatial problem-solving uses location to help you understand your data in its real-world context and leverage socioeconomic, demographic, and environmental factors to make better decisions.


Spatial analytics in Microsoft Fabric

A new mapping and spatial analytics workload will deliver spatial capabilities to your Fabric experience. A unified collection and coordination of data assets will pair sophisticated spatial analysis tools with an intuitive UI/UX, including the following:

  • The ability to perform visual analytics within the context of location
  • 140+ spatial functions and tools
  • Native integration with Power BI and M365 apps
  • An interactive mapping experience via ArcGIS
  • A unified platform to share and access your organization’s data
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Retail is a location-driven business

Top retailers use location analytics to inform decisions about where to grow their business, better understand customer behavior, and manage assets.

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