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Two people in orange safety gear shoveling snow by a roadside with a background of a large dark gray map

Optimize and Manage Winter Weather Operations in Real Time

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Streamline your winter weather operations

Winter weather impacts roadway safety and increases the risk of traffic accidents. Governments spend over two billion dollars annually to plan, prepare, and execute winter weather operations. As the intensity of winter storms increase, it is crucial for agencies to incorporate real-time data in their response activities.

ArcGIS Solutions, Esri’s collection of industry-specific configurations of ArcGIS, offers a real-time mapping, technology-based Winter Weather Operations solution. This solution utilizes ArcGIS Velocity, a software-as-a-service (SaaS) Internet of Things (IoT) application that allows you to ingest, visualize, and analyze streaming data in real time to make informed operational decisions.

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A dark icy road cutting through a forest of towering snow-laden pine trees with deep snowbanks on both sides under a pale winter sky

Real-time winter weather operations benefits

Learn how governments plan and conduct response activities for adverse weather, monitor winter weather operations in real time, track snowplow vehicle locations and materials used during weather events, respond to service requests, and share road status updates.

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DuPage County uses SaaS GIS for winter operations

The moment we announce an active winter event, and the trucks hit the road, our team has complete insight into what is going on.

Mike Figuray

Manager, Highway Operations, DuPage County Division of Transportation

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