Reality Mapping

Reality capture and photogrammetry software

Use sensor data to create a digital world

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Link geospatial data to the real world

Turn drone, aerial, satellite, and historical film imagery into visually stunning, geospatially accurate maps and models. Interact with a digital world that shows places and situations as they really are, layered with geospatial data that enriches reality with greater context.


Map locally

Drone mapping

Drone technology with photogrammetry software offers more control over where and how often you capture and map your data. Use Esri's end-to-end drone mapping tools—offline and in the cloud—to monitor a work site, map structures with high-resolution 3D modeling, or perform landscape measurements for project scoping.

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An off-nadir drone image of a castle-like estate home with a courtyard, surrounded by a moat and wide fields of farmland

Digitize your world in detail

Drone images bring rich visual information to digital maps and models, creating opportunities to explore real-world spaces in a virtual environment.

Map regionally

Aerial mapping

Aircraft capture aerial images that let you see the bigger picture without losing finer details. ArcGIS includes aerial photogrammetry software for data from oblique and nadir cameras—map cityscapes and suburbs, forests and farmlands, watersheds and wetlands, and more.

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Off-nadir aerial imagery of a road cutting through a green and yellow patchwork of farm fields

Add visual context to spatial data

Enriching maps with aerial images links data to conditions on the ground, making clusters of information visible as patterns in physical landscapes.

Nadir imagery of a river flowing through a rocky landscape

ArcGIS Reality

Create an accurate digital representation of the physical world.

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