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Indoor Navigation and Positioning

Technology for real-time location tracking, people locating, and routing

Colored shapes from a floor plan floating above an indoor map of an airport with an indoor navigation route showing current location and future path.

Indoor navigation and indoor positioning help employees and visitors route themselves via mobile apps to indoor/outdoor locations. This aids in location tracking, increases efficiency for service call resolution, improves user experience, and enhances safety and security practices.

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Seamless indoor navigation

Indoor navigation puts a blue dot on an indoor map that identifies, via the user's mobile device, where they are located within a building. Indoor navigation is the identification of where a user is along a route within a facility to a specified destination such as a room, floor, or asset.


How does indoor navigation work?

Indoor navigation leverages beacons or Wi-Fi wireless access points placed throughout a facility, along with indoor maps, to create a comprehensive indoor positioning system. On compatible mobile apps, users have within meters-accuracy of their location layered on top of the indoor maps and routing throughout the facility, with precise real-time guidance to a selected destination. Indoor navigation works with the building layout to incorporate features like stairs, floors, and rooms into the routing.

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Woman in an office building using a cell phone next to an inset cell phone image showing an indoor map with a route in blue

Easily navigate to assets and locations

For efficient facilities management, service workers, security personnel, office workers, and visitors need to easily navigate to their destinations. On large sites, this can be daunting when the destinations are rooms, and nearly impossible when the destinations are assets like printers, water valves, or fire extinguishers. With employees cycling into work spaces they have never been to before, indoor navigation aids rapid location discovery.

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What is indoor positioning?

Indoor positioning brings the benefit of location to the indoors world, to enhance efficiencies and provide real-time data when it is needed most.

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