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ArcGIS Online for Small Gas Utilities

Modern, location-based solutions made to meet your needs

A mobile worker in a safety vest and white hard hat uses a laptop onsite, with circles showing a network map and gas meters.

Deliver natural gas safely and reliably when you unify your business systems around location technology. Create a holistic picture of your operations to reduce costs and streamline services—all with a simple, configurable software as a service (SaaS) solution.

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Streamline your service delivery

Robust, cost-effective SaaS solutions help you deliver high-impact results.

Build a digital inventory

Quickly deploy a user-friendly mobile app that allows your crew members to collect images, status details, and notes about your assets. When they select Submit, the meter, regulator, gathering line—or any other asset—is instantly added to your digital network map.

A symbol for cloud data storage overlays circles showing a map with details about a valve and a gas pipeline in a forest

View network maps

See a comprehensive picture of your gas network on a web-based map. Use this centralized, real-time information to stay agile during unexpected events and respond quickly to pipeline disruption.

A symbol of a “you are here” icon with a mobile device overlays circles showing a network map and a worker examining a gauge

Keep your data current

Safety is a top priority for gas utilities—and to ensure assets are in good condition, you need data at your fingertips. It's easy to maintain your data during recurring gas inspections or when asset conditions change. Simply find the asset of interest on your digital map, click to edit, and make updates.

A symbol of a graph and magnifying glass overlays circles showing an up-close view of pressure gauges and a network map

Gain foundational insight

Quickly deploy a real-time dashboard that provides organizational leaders with key insights about your organization's gas network and assets.

A symbol of graphs on a computer screen overlays a cul-de-sac neighborhood map and a worker checking a gauge reading

Embrace the power of location

ArcGIS Online for small gas utilities goes beyond data management and network mapping. Once you've created your digital network, explore configurations to capture the location tracks of your workforce, manage work orders, conduct inspections, and share public-facing maps with your community.

A symbol of a map with asset data overlays a digital network map and gas pipelines running parallel painted blue and yellow

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