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ArcGIS Online for Small Stormwater Utilities

Modern, location-based solutions made to meet your needs

A dam keeps the flow of water consistent. Next to it, a man in a yellow safety and hard hat vest uses a tablet

Managing a watershed is easier and more efficient than ever with digital location-based tools. ArcGIS Online offers accessible, no-code solutions that give you immediate visibility into your assets and network. Gain new efficiencies that free up more time for planning smart, sustainable stormwater infrastructure.

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Streamline your stormwater management

Robust, cost-effective SaaS solutions help you deliver high-impact results.

Build a digital inventory

Quickly deploy a user-friendly mobile app that allows your crew members to collect images, status details, and notes about your assets. When they select Submit, the catch basin, inlet, outfall, culvert—or any other asset—is instantly added to your digital network map.

Two network maps are next to one another; the first shows asset details, the second shows an overall view of the network

View network maps

See a comprehensive picture of your stormwater network on a web-based map. Use this centralized, real-time information to keep the flow of water moving and respond quickly to flooding.

A shovel truck breaks pavement around a stormwater drain. Next to it, a network maps shows the location of the drain

Keep your data current

It's easy to edit and maintain asset data during recurring system inspections or as asset conditions change. Simply find the asset of interest on your digital map, click to edit, and make updates.

A stormwater pit between grass and the road. A map shows the location of the asset and status details

Gain foundational insight

Quickly deploy a real-time dashboard that provides organizational leaders with key insights about your assets and stormwater network.

Person in a yellow jacket tightens the bolt of a stormwater drain. A network map shows the intersection where it’s located

Embrace the power of location

ArcGIS Online for small stormwater utilities goes beyond data management and network mapping. Once you've created your digital network, explore configurations to capture the location tracks of your workforce, manage work orders, conduct inspections, and share public-facing maps with your community.

A pie chart provides a glimpse at the insights provided with the software. A torrent is next to the dashboard.

Implement the tech driving success

City of Provo

We have put accurate data into the hands of more users to increase vested interest in the data as well as the value from the data. This helps us tremendously as a data-driven organization.

Kalvan Hone

GIS Coordinator, City of Provo

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