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We are open and transparent about our hiring process

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Phase 1

Application requirements


We'd love to see your work. Please provide us with a personal website that showcases 3 to 4 relevant case studies.


Share your resume with us, highlighting your relevant experience, contributions, and qualifications.

Share maps or GIS experience

Show us maps you have created or any experience you have in GIS or location intelligence.

A graphic of design components for Esri’s Calcite Brand Library
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Phase 2

Candidate review

Technical skills review

We conduct a comprehensive assessment to determine your current career stage, your areas of expertise, and potential strengths and growth areas.

Meet the leadership

Get to know us as we get to know you. Ask questions about the role, the work, and the team. Let’s make sure this is the right next step for you.

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Phase 3

Presentation day

Present to wider team

You'll get the opportunity to present your work to our UX/UI team, as well as the stakeholders you'll be collaborating with.

Present your process

Demonstrate the problem, your research, and how you solved it. Show the tools and techniques you used, and share any lessons you learned.

Breakout sessions

Meet our team, including head of digital experience, project managers, content strategists, and creative director. We're excited to meet you!

A graphic of design components for Esri’s Calcite Brand Library
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