Leading With Data: A Police Commander’s Guide to GIS & Crime Analysis

By Jonas H. Baughman

Leading with Data: A Police Commander’s Guide to GIS & Crime Analysis is the essential text for commanders who want to use spatial analysis to lead effectively and meet their agency’s goals.  

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The fundamental guide for police commanders who want to use crime analysis to lead effectively.

Effective, actionable crime analysis can empower modern law enforcement agencies—and their commanders—to promote public safety. But how do police commanders use this information to lead their agencies strategically? Leading with Data: A Police Commander’s Guide to GIS & Crime Analysis explains how to take a geographic approach to analyzing and utilizing police data, allowing commanders to make more efficient and effective decisions. A strong crime analysis and mapping platform can help commanders sift through large amounts of data and other information to discover what matters most in relation to the agency’s operational priorities and those voiced by local communities.

This book covers how to:

  • Use crime analysis and GIS to provide insight into the causes of a problem and design the best strategies for collaboration and positive outcomes.
  • Utilize crime analysts in a productive and impactful way.
  • Successfully implement GIS and crime analysis.
  • Support crime analysis in an organization.

Written to be immediately useful for police commanders, Leading with Data is a practical reference guide that provides both introductory and complex topics. The primary goals of this book are to expose law enforcement command staff to basic elements and concepts of GIS and crime analysis. It builds on that exposure by encouraging the ongoing use of different types of analysis for day-to-day operations and other needs, such as strategic planning, crime accountability meetings, or public outreach.

Today’s policing requires commanders to know how to use crime analysis and data-driven strategies effectively to solve problems—this book shows the way.

Jonas Baughman
Captain Jonas Baughman is a 17-year veteran of the Kansas City Police Department (KCPD) in Missouri. He has held assignments in patrol, investigations, crime and intelligence analysis, and administration during his tenure, but crime analysis is his professional passion. He served as a sworn crime analyst; helped create the KCPD’s Real-Time Crime Center; directed a squad of gang intelligence detectives; and worked in the Office of the Chief of Police where he provided strategic analysis and other performance metrics to assist the department’s crime-fighting efforts. Baughman is currently assigned to the Fiscal Division within the Executive Services Bureau.

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