Modern Policing Using ArcGIS Pro

By Eric L. Piza, Jonas H. Baughman

Modern Policing Using ArcGIS Pro is a quintessential tool for crime analysts looking to enhance the quality and efficiency of their crime mapping using ArcGIS Pro.

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An essential tool for crime analysts looking to enhance the quality and efficiency of their crime mapping using ArcGIS Pro.

Modern Policing Using ArcGIS Pro is an easy-to-use hands-on guide for crime analysts of any skill level. Crime mapping and spatial analysis play a key role in a variety of day-to-day police functions, and with ArcGIS Pro, crime analysts can enhance the efficiency of their workflow and the quality of their crime-mapping products. Designed to be immediately useful and practical for all users, Modern Policing’s scaffolded approach allows users to incrementally develop their skills.

Real-world case studies from crime analysts and applied research projects demonstrate the spatial analysis techniques necessary to support evidence-based policing. The findings of these case studies are discussed via research and crime analysis highlights, with self-guided exercises that walk the user through the steps of performing the analysis.

Key topics include:

  • Geoprocessing and filtering data
  • Identifying hot spots
  • Using spatial statistics for predictive analysis
  • Automating tasks

Using ArcGIS Pro for problem analysis, crime analysts can create crime prevention strategies, measure program outputs to gauge program implementation, and conduct evaluations to determine whether crime control strategies are having the desired impact. Covering strategic analysis, predictive analysis, workflow automation and more, Modern Policing Using ArcGIS Pro is essential for crime analysts looking to bring value to their agencies’ operations through crime and data analysis.

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Eric L. Piza
Eric L. Piza is Associate Professor at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, City University of New York. His previous positions include GIS Specialist of the Newark, NJ Police Department and Research Director for Crime Analytics of the Rutgers Center on Public Security.

Jonas H. Baughman
Captain Jonas H. Baughman is a 17-year veteran of the Kansas City, Missouri Police Department (KCPD). A native of the Kansas City area, Captain Baughman has held assignments in patrol, investigations, crime/intelligence analysis, and administration during his tenure.

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