The ArcGIS Imagery Book: New View. New Vision.

By Clint Brown, Christian Harder

The ArcGIS Imagery Book: New View. New Vision. is a conceptual introduction and practical primer to the application of imagery and remote sensing data in GIS (geographic information systems).

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The ArcGIS Imagery Book: New View. New Vision. Cover

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Explore how imagery and remote sensing power modern GIS. With The ArcGIS Imagery Book, you will roll up your sleeves and quickly begin putting GIS imagery to smarter, more skillful use with your GIS. Even armchair geographers will appreciate this book and its electronic companion for the wealth of gorgeous, inspiring, and occasionally troubling images and links to powerful web apps and maps that weave interesting stories about our planet and the issues we face. Appropriate for those very familiar with geographic information systems and remote sensing GUS and those who have never heard of the terms.

Clint Brown
Clint Brown is the Director of Software Products at Esri.

Christian Harder
Christian Harder is the founding publisher of Esri Press and the author of numerous books on GIS, including The ArcGIS Book: 10 Big Ideas about Applying GIS to Your World and Understanding GIS: An ArcGIS Project Workbook.

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