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Join me at the Esri Infrastructure Management & GIS Conference

In less than two weeks at the Esri Infrastructure Management & GIS Conference (Esri IMGIS) in Palm Springs, designers, engineers, contractors and owner/operators of buildings, roads, utilities, bridges, and ports will connect. They build new and improve the existing infrastructure, make decisions which have decades-long implications on energy use, natural materials availability, and long-term environmental and effects on health and happiness. Their daily decisions have a tremendous impact on the sustainability of their own projects, business, and communities as they grow.

With location-intelligence applied to their work, AEC professionals have the potential to implement Sustainable Engineering – Improving the process of using resources that does not compromise the environment or deplete materials. Today’s GIS-empowered AEC professionals make a positive impact in a burgeoning world consuming and disposing resources at never-before-seen levels.  

The world’s demand for resources is rising alarming rate. The World Bank estimates that at present we do not have adequate infrastructure to meet the world’s need. In fact, it projects an estimated need of 70% additional infrastructure by 2050. We need to build more to support growth and fix or replace existing infrastructure, failing by many measures.  In the US, the ASCE (American Society of Civil Engineers) analyzed the existing roads, bridges, tunnels, dams, reservoirs, and more, graded the US a C- in 2020 (up from the D/D+ for the past 20 years). 

Understanding the perspective of these conditions and demands from the owners, operators, and other AEC professionals is critical in this era where the tools and work methods of the industry are changing and improving. To stay abreast and share your perspective, we invite you t join us and participate in the Esri Infrastructure Management & GIS Conference (Esri IMGIS) where users from different infrastructure sectors will connect to learn and share their experiences at the largest GIS infrastructure event in the world.

Amplified by current changes in the workplace and work methods, technology improvements are proving that digital updates deliver measurable value. The AEC industry, historically known as lagging in technology investment, is currently making strong shifts in ways of working. The widespread use of building information modeling (BIM) tools, rapid adoption of reality capture technology, embracing collaborative project management platforms, and inclusion of GIS in project deliverables are making huge strides in overall project efficiencies.

While the pace of change and adoption of technology has been slow historically in AEC, there is a move toward digital project operations delivery. The Esri IMGIS conference will highlight the growing use of modern tools and digitally driven workflows. Presentations, technical demonstrations, and in-person networking and through virtual sessions we will share the following:

Join us at the 2021 Esri IMGIS conference to learn how GIS can help your firm address the challenges of improving our built and natural world.  See from customer examples how location intelligence is a critical tool to improve the workflows of planning, engineering, construction and operations.  Hear from peers and colleagues presenting projects focused on topics important to AEC professionals, including: 

Join us to gain insights and see how Esri can help your AEC business deliver projects more effectively, meet your clients growing demands, and succeed in an ever-changing landscape.

We look forward to greeting you in person in Palm Springs at the Esri IMGIS conference, October 25–28.

Register now for this exciting event here.

Note: for those who cannot travel to Palm Springs, an online version of this event—featuring curated content and including a restream of the Plenary Session—will be available starting December 6, 2021. Digital access is available to all customers current on maintenance or subscriptions.

About the author

Marc Goldman is Director of AEC Industry Solutions and is responsible for messaging and marketing strategies for Esri’s efforts related to the built and natural environment. He is a leading expert in BIM and its impact on the processes and business of the design and construction industry. As a business advisor, Marc identifies and analyzes processes and translates them into products, services and industry solutions. He works with a strong international network of AEC experts at Esri to promote the proven solutions to the industry he knows well. Over the last two decades of delivering products and services to the industry, Marc has formed, hired, managed, mentored, and inspired technical sales and development teams in both large organizations and start-up environments. He studied architecture and civil engineering at Tulane University. He lives and works in the suburbs of Denver Colorado where he bikes and skis when the weather permits.


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