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Enterprise location intelligence

Supply chain leaders keep pace with the demands of their complex global network

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Fulfill market demand faster, smarter

Keeping pace with global market pressures has never been more complex or demanding. Location intelligence provides real-time and predictive insights, coupling data from existing disparate operational systems with live external feeds that deliver actionable insights to accelerate decision-making.

Maximize supplier and distribution performance by continually monitoring the network and highlighting risks in real time. Quickly visualize and analyze live global network operations in a holistic view, instantly seeing and investigating incidents before they disrupt the business, helping to maintain performance levels for the delivery of products and services—keeping costs down and customers happy. 

Smart Predictions For The World’s Largest Berry Producer

Driscoll’s, the world’s largest berry company, with around a third of the global market, has stayed on top of this competitive business by grounding its operations in a strong commitment to data and analysis.

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How GM Maps and Manages Supply Chain Risk

GM’s production is exposed to a broad range of disturbances—from political uprisings and weather events to labor disruptions and supply shortages.

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A holistic view of the global supply network

Transform supply chain performance with better planning and more responsive real-time operations by digitizing all aspects of the supply network. Enable the digital supply network to continuously monitor, analyze, and report on emerging threats and uncover opportunities anywhere.


Industries using Enterprise Location Intelligence

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