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Environmental & Natural Resources Agencies

Create maps that help maintain a healthy balance between humans and nature

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Align your community’s initiatives with federal funding objectives using GIS. Visit Esri’s federal funding resource site.

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Restore, preserve, and protect natural resources

As we continue to uncover and learn about ecological challenges facing our planet, the job of environmental and natural resources management agencies is becoming increasingly difficult. Incorporating GIS for natural resources provides a key advantage when working to restore, protect, and preserve natural resources and the environment. While populations and habitats grow and change, environmental agencies turn to GIS technology to help ensure sustainable natural resource and environmental management.

Transforming outdoor recreation management

GIS drives innovation across outdoor spaces

A new report explores how GIS is integral to the modernization and management of outdoor recreation spaces.

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Get the latest GIS information you need to know to raise the bar within your organization. You will learn how to leverage the GIS capabilities you have today to improve agency services, differentiate yourself, and achieve success. Join us every month to hear directly from the team that works with you and your peers, each and every day.

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