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Future Trends and Practices

Forest carbon sequestration and modeling

A contour map in white on black with parts highlighted in yellow, overlaid with a closeup photo of a bright green sprout emerging from a crack in dry earth

Embracing a low-carbon future for forests

As the world moves toward a low-carbon future, leaders are asking what part forests play in carbon sequestration. Experts are devising preliminary models for cap and trade markets. Executives are looking for solutions to reduce their organizations' operational carbon footprints. Interactive location-based reports and GIS dashboards are helping key stakeholders across departments and organizations answer critical questions about carbon stock analysis and support compliance activities.


Mapping forest ecosystems

Imagery and remote sensing

Capture, manage, analyze, and share imagery and remote sensing data of all scales in a comprehensive geospatial platform.

A graphic of a computer monitor displaying a contour map of a deep green forest with a large swath of deforested lighter green, alongside legend of analysis options

Real-time visualization and analytics

Ingest and analyze real-time field and machine data and visualize the data on interactive dashboards to increase operational efficiency.

An aerial photo of a drone in flight over a vista of green forest-covered mountains under a bright sunset with blue and pink clouds

Spatial and temporal change modeling

Integrate spatial and temporal data to better understand current forest conditions and trends while leveraging powerful tools for data exploration and spatially sensitive analytics.

A graphic of a computer monitor displaying a heat map in hot pink on a bright green and black background

Products for carbon sequestration and modeling


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