Increasing awareness through responsive workflows

Improve tree growth and forest health monitoring with automated data processing and analysis

Modern forestry organizations are making mobile operations and planning more efficient with GIS. Collecting field and remotely sensed data and analyzing it in near real time using performance dashboards helps leaders model complex workflows, accelerate response times, and reduce costs. Use location technology to manage your forest inventory and resources more precisely while improving quality and customer satisfaction.

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Gain insights through data

Data collection in the field

Use integrated field apps to collect detailed information at the source, often remotely. Enable a combination of form fills, rapid observation collection, and Internet of Things (IoT) sensor data to create a foundation of current field knowledge that improves awareness.

Data management

Integrate a wide variety of data from multiple sources that supply insight into complex workflows. Provide access, analysis, and visualization capabilities to the entire organization via web services.


Mapping and location enablement

Provide sophisticated mapping and location analysis capabilities to create new spatial insights, improve critical decision-making, and support long-term sustainability.


Manage forest harvest and chemical activities

Forest managers use mapping to track forest assets, environmental compliance, and associated activities to effectively manage costs and needs.

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