Tribal ArcGIS StoryMaps Challenge

The contest will open July 11, 2022

A laptop displaying a story titled “Finding Reciprocity in Restoration” with a river flowing through a tree covered landscape

Getting started with ArcGIS StoryMaps for the tribal storytelling challenge

A mountain slope covered in thousands of evergreen trees

Explore tribal heritage and sustainability

The 2022 Tribal ArcGIS StoryMaps Challenge, hosted by Esri, encourages US tribal nations and tribe members and college students to tell place-based stories about tribal heritage and sustainability.

Story submissions may feature any topic related to US tribal nations such as the following:

  • A tribal leader or change maker
  • Historical and cultural preservation
  • Ideas for addressing tribal challenges, such as climate change, water quality, health, and land management and protection
  • Unique data visualizations for tribal governments
  • Important scientific approaches and contributions of tribal communities
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