Our education programs provide affordable access to the complete ArcGIS system for teaching, research, and campus administration. Technical support, software updates, and access to self-paced e-Learning lessons are also included. Whether for an individual student or an entire institution, we have options to fit your needs.


Academic Department License

The Academic Department License provides core ArcGIS apps for academic departments or research teams of any size. Deploy on students' and staff's devices or in computer labs for access wherever and whenever users need ArcGIS for teaching, learning, and research.

For instructors

Academic–Small Department (5 users)

Academic–Small Department (5 users)

A suite of apps to help research teams in data collection, spatial analysis, and data science.


Academic–Medium Department (50 users)

Academic–Medium Department (50 users)

A suite of apps to support teaching and research with spatial analysis and data science tools.

Academic–Large Department (100 users)

Academic–Large Department (100 users)

A suite of apps to support teaching and research with spatial analysis and data science tools.

Administrative Department License

The Administrative Department License provides core ArcGIS apps for managing campus operations, facilities, safety, and institutional research. Equip staff in small workgroups or entire business units with real-time location intelligence to increase effectiveness and efficiency. 

For administrators

Administrative–Small Department (5 users)

Administrative–Small Department (5 users)

A suite of apps to support master planning, facilities management, and campus safety.


Administrative–Medium Department (50 users)

Administrative–Medium Department (50 users)

A suite of apps to support master planning, facilities management, and campus safety.

Administrative–Large Department (100 users)

Administrative–Large Department (100 users)

A suite of apps to support master planning, facilities management, and campus safety.

Education Institution Agreement

 Unite software licenses in a single organization-wide agreement to reduce complexity and simplify management. Integration with your identity provider automates license management, saving time and reducing barriers. Access to specialized tools and advanced technologies and complimentary registration to the Esri User Conference and the Esri Education Summit are included. The complete list of products is below.

 Small institution
under 2,500 students
Medium institution
2,500–10,000 students
Large institution
over 10,000 students
Academic Use1 LicensesUnlimited licenses for academic useUnlimited licenses for academic useUnlimited licenses for academic useUnlimited licenses for academic use
Administrative Use2 Licenses10 licenses for administrative use20 licenses for administrative use 100 licenses for administrative useAdministrative Use License quantity negotiated
TrainingUnlimited e-Learning 40% discount on instructor-led trainingUnlimited e-Learning 40% discount on instructor-led trainingUnlimited e-Learning 40% discount on instructor-led trainingUnlimited e-Learning 40% discount on instructor-led training
Technical Support contacts4 technical support contacts6 technical support contacts10 technical support contactsQuantity of technical support contacts negotiated
Esri User Conference registrations (per year)2 complimentary Esri User Conference registrations3 complimentary Esri User Conference registrations5 complimentary Esri User Conference registrationsQuantity of complimentary Esri User Conference registrations negotiated

1Academic use includes teaching, learning, service-learning, and scholarly research.
2Administrative use includes asset management, facilities management, enrollment management, institutional research, and other tasks related to the operation of an educational institution.

ArcGIS for Student Use

Use powerful tools to better understand the world and develop career skills. ArcGIS for Student Use provides access to a suite of web apps, ArcGIS Pro and its most popular extensions, thousands of maps and datasets in the ArcGIS Living Atlas of the World, and e-Learning at Esri Academy.

For students

ArcGIS for Student Use

ArcGIS for Student Use

A collection of the latest, full-feature ArcGIS software for student use.

Access the ArcGIS system

ArcGIS provides an integrated family of apps for data collection, analysis, and publication that are also open and extensible. Our education packages provide cloud, desktop, and enterprise tools, so you can deploy any combination of apps to meet your institution's needs. Interoperability is built-in, facilitating data sharing and collaboration among teams and breaking down silos.

What's included

All licenses include the core capabilities and most popular extensions for ArcGIS in the cloud, on the desktop, and on-premises.

ArcGIS Online

A complete cloud-based map

  • Discover and use maps on any device

  • Collect your own data and visualize it instantly

  • Reveal relationships and analyze patterns to make predictions

  • Collaborate across your institution to share maps and data

  • Engage your audience with story maps and interactive apps

More on ArcGIS Online

ArcGIS Pro

The world's most advanced spatial analysis and mapping technology

  • Advanced cartography tools for designing interactive maps in 2D, 3D, and 4D

  • Advanced analysis tools for identifying patterns, making predictions, and answering questions

  • Modeling and automation tools for spatial data science

  • Data management tools for editing, transforming and storing spatial data of all types, including big

  • Includes the most popular extensions for specialized capabilities

More on ArcGIS Pro

ArcGIS Enterprise

Powerful on-premises or cloud-based server software

  • Provides secure access to your online portal and data

  • Includes ArcGIS Data Store and ArcGIS Enterprise geodatabases

  • Modeling and automation tools for spatial data science workflows

  • Click-and-drag tools for building web pages to share your data and maps

More on ArcGIS Enterprise

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Frequently asked questions

Faculty and staff of accredited, degree-granting institutions, noncommercial research institutes, and museums are eligible to acquire these special Esri Education Program packages for teaching, research, and the administration of such institutions. Organizations that do not qualify for the Esri Education Program packages should contact an Esri sales representative to determine the option that is right for them.

Click the button Get Verified and enter the information required to confirm that you are qualified. The information you submit is compared against authoritative data sources. SheerID instantly confirms whether you qualify. If you are verified, you will receive a single-use promo code to use at checkout.

Verification is instant in most cases. If you are not instantly verified, in less than 20 minutes you will be contacted via email with your eligibility status.

An instructor teaches; an administrator manages the operation of an educational institution. You are considered an administrator if your work involves institutional research; asset, facilities, or enrollment management; campus safety; or tasks not directly related to student learning or scholarly research.

SheerID is a third-party verification service that works on behalf of companies to verify an individual's affiliations. For information on SheerID services, visit

Both Esri and SheerID take your privacy very seriously. We use your information only to confirm your eligibility. We do not sell or rent your information. We partner with SheerID for verification of eligibility and SheerID does not store documents or images uploaded to its system. Click to read Esri's full privacy policy and SheerID's full privacy policy.

The Esri Education Institution Agreement Permitted Uses Rubric provides a framework for determining what uses are permitted under the terms of the Esri Education Institution Agreement and what uses require a standard commercial license. 

We are committed to providing educational institutions with broad access to ArcGIS at an affordable cost, while balancing the costs to Esri so that the Esri Education Program remains sustainable. We focus on including the core capabilities of ArcGIS in the Education Program offerings, so not every Esri product is available through the Education Program.

This change log for the Esri Education Institution Agreement details which products have been added and when they were added.

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