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National Geographic MapMaker

Interactive Mapping for Students

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Empower the next generation of problem solvers

Today's students will solve the world's problems. As an educator, you can use maps to give them the knowledge and tools they need to find solutions. Use MapMaker in your lessons to help students build spatial thinking skills and develop knowledge about the world by exploring interactive maps.

Introducing National Geographic MapMaker

MapMaker equips teachers and learners with carefully curated, standards-focused, National Geographic Explorer-inspired maps, data, and activities for many subjects and grade levels. Designed specifically for teachers and students, MapMaker is free, runs on lightweight devices such as tablets and laptops, and doesn't require a login.

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A map of Southern California with a large region shaded in reds and yellows

A new way to teach and learn with maps

MapMaker supports student learning with high-quality, curated map content, powerful mapping tools, and teacher support. It delivers a creative new approach to teaching with maps that inspires students and develops their knowledge of the world.


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