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Logistics technology for optimizing the network

Changing market forces and increasing network disruptions are requiring logistics business leaders to modernize how they plan, execute, and analyze operations in the logistics industry. They must continue to reduce costs, increase resiliency, and improve efficiencies across the network—from the supplier down to the consumer—to minimize disruptions while tackling sustainability pressures related to climate change and societal disparities. Location technology software is the advanced tool that enables the digitalization of logistics processes to deliver real-time visualization, network optimization, and predictive analytics.

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End-to-end logistics life cycle

The demands within logistics organizations continue to grow more complex and expand in scale. Spatially enabled logistics technology is the tool that can help reduce costs, optimize service levels, and increase network resilience.

Location technology can help operators automate the mapping of every movement, delay, and chain of custody for real-time visualization of actual against planned operations.
Parcel and express delivery
To meet the growing complexity of fulfillment, location-based logistics technology helps package delivery firms plan, monitor, and adapt day-to-day operations.
To reach their full potential, railroads are embracing spatially enabled logistics technology to improve systemwide performance through real-time decision-support systems.
Services delivery
As services providers respond to expanding markets, firms are tapping into the unique value of location intelligence to better understand and serve their customers.

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