Petroleum events

Date Event Location
Check throughout the year for more details   Quarterly Esri Petroleum Webinar Series Virtual
Date Event Location
November 9–10, 2021 Esri European Petroleum User Group Meeting Virtual
March 5–7, 2022 Esri Partner Conference Palm Springs, California

Upcoming webinars

Petroleum Webinar Series

Stay tuned for future petroleum webinars

Location: Virtual

Cost: Free

Upcoming webinars dedicated to petroleum users will show cutting-edge technology upgrades with geospatial enhancements that will bolster productivity, improve operational efficiencies, allow for increased visibility, and improve return on investment. Please return for our schedule of webinar events.

Registration is opening soon.

Past webinars

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    Integrating Real-Time/IoT Data into Your Digital Twin

    Integrating Real-Time/IoT into a Digital Twin

    Connect, analyze, and alert in real time

    Explore how ArcGIS Velocity uses real-time/IoT data and processes for oil and gas operations.
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    Beyond Points on a Map

    Add business value with location intelligence

    See how a geospatial strategy can help organizations greatly increase operational efficiency and visualize powerful business insights.
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    Petroleum webinar dashboard image

    Achieve Location Intelligence with Site Scan

    Use more accurate and in-depth imagery data

    Learn how the new Site Scan for ArcGIS can be used in the petroleum industry to obtain business value from investment in drones.
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