Modernizing Asset Management

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Enhance asset management with spatial intelligence

ArcGIS enables a holistic approach with fresh insights about performance, risks, resources, and costs. Since assets are spatial, their exchange of influence is not only reciprocal but also determined by their criticality and location. In relationship to other assets, ArcGIS adapts to ever-changing conditions in emergencies and can discover patterns and trends with a more sophisticated level of reporting. ArcGIS is essential for water asset management plans.


To learn more about how ArcGIS supports asset management plans, download the ebook Modernizing Asset Management.

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Real-world modeling

Esri's ArcGIS models the entire network with spatially accurate data. It has the tools to model networks as they really are on the ground. ArcGIS offers connectivity modeling of assets in two and three dimensions, supporting best practices and industry standards.

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Visualization and analytics

You need greater insight into your network—in relationship to both its surroundings and its threats. Visualization plays a strong role in effectively managing assets. The spatial analysis tools of ArcGIS sharpen your understanding of where the network is most at risk.

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Mobile and interoperable

ArcGIS brings network functionality to any device—anytime, anywhere—for complete operational awareness. Advanced data collection tools for the field improve asset inspections. Share the immediate state of assets with stakeholders across the organization.

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Web GIS leads to greater efficiency

Implementing GIS for a reservoir project saved approximately 30 percent of time that staff had previously spent reprinting maps and sharing data.

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