High-performing spaces for high-performing people

The ArcGIS Indoors platform delivers real-time facility awareness, drives Internet of Things (IoT) systems, and provides analytics that help you elevate the experiences of your staff and visitors. Using data from sensors, facility systems, and the facility database, the enterprise system presents insightful performance information on dashboards. Connected to an indoor network via web apps, visitors and maintenance workers use smart routing to navigate buildings. The well-managed environment keeps them focused and productive.

  • Navigate the campus

    With easy indoor navigation available on every device, building occupants have complete mobility throughout familiar and unfamiliar spaces.
  • Know what's happening

    Dashboards deliver real-time information that help you make fast decisions, respond quickly, and avoid costly complications.
  • Engage the IoT

    Identify equipment failure, locate employees, automate climate controls, secure areas, dim lights, and set alerts with IoT integration.
  • Evaluate operations

    Analytic tools allow you to visualize performance indicators, understand energy trends, allocate space, and accommodate growth in your buildings.

A platform for building management

Facility location technology comes together on the ArcGIS Enterprise platform. Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS, ArcGIS GeoEvent Server, and ArcGIS field operations apps provide operators real-time facility awareness. The indoor positioning system (IPS) supports wayfinding and tracking inside and between buildings. The powerful analytic capabilities and multidimensional visualizations of ArcGIS Indoors increase the performance of malls, airports, campuses, and other large facilities.

I want to talk about ArcGIS Indoors

An Esri consultant is available to discuss your organization's specific facility needs.