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Simplify Election Day planning and ensure your elections operations and logistics go off without a hitch. With GIS, you can prioritize elections projects, optimize polling place locations, and allocate your resources for greatest effectiveness. Use GIS services and analytics to perform quality geocoding, verify voter addresses, and monitor election sites and staff with dashboards in real time. Create customized reports and infographics about your community's elections operations.

Maps and apps get you started quickly

Monitoring elections operations

Coordinate and monitor elections operations to quickly respond to the unexpected by understanding, in real time, where resources are needed most.

Managing data of voting precincts

Inventory administrative areas for voting precincts and streamline the collection and maintenance of authoritative administrative boundaries.

Connecting people to elections data

Use open data to share authoritative election information with citizens, journalists, academics, and even the people inside your organization.

Expert planning and decision support for elections management

Replace unreliable, paper-based field data collection methods with GIS-enabled mobile devices and use analytics for real-time decision support.

What's included

  • ArcGIS Desktop
  • ArcGIS Online

Plus, modern tools for managing elections

  • Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS
  • Administrative Area Data Management
  • Mobile Data Collection
  • Open Data Portal

Optional services

  • Get up and running quickly with Esri's jump-start services.
  • Ensure efficient operations with Esri's extended Election Day technical support.
  • Turn your staff into GIS experts with Esri's world-class training.

Talk with an expert

Please provide your contact information, and an expert will contact you to discuss what you need to get started with Esri's solutions for elections management.