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Real-Time Government with GIS

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New thought leadership from Esri and GovLoop

Accelerate decision-making with real-time data.

The goal of a real-time government is to make better data-driven decisions the moment something happens, and the path to that involves using and analyzing real-time data. In this paper, you will learn why real-time GIS is so impactful, the steps you can take to achieve the benefits of real-time data, and how departments and agencies that use it are becoming real-time governments. See how your organization can:

  • Improve situational awareness during events.
  • Monitor real-time data feeds from stationary sensors.
  • Track assets in motion, such as vehicles, vessels, and aircraft.
  • Open a secure portal to the Internet of Things.

Creating a real-time government with GIS

Gain the power to know what is happening as it happens so that you can make smarter decisions faster.