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Underutilization of GIS and How to Cure It

Webinar Recording

Rebranding GIS to better understand its power

When most non-GIS professionals hear "G-I-S," they think "M-A-P." Now that GIS is a location intelligence platform, the underutilization of it is critical and career limiting. As a GIS professional, your purpose is to do more than make maps. It is vitally important that you proactively evangelize and market all the capabilities of GIS. This presentation will provide strategies on how to spread the understanding and full value of GIS across your organization.

Watch this video and you will

  • Understand how to break down GIS into categories that clearly explain its value to non-GIS staff.
  • Learn the importance of branding GIS as a strategic and universal tool for an organization.
  • Be equipped with information that will help enable you to use the applications in other departments.