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Our on-site subject matter expert supports your initiatives

Your role in the community is imperative when it comes to being prepared for the new normal of disaster. However, your demanding workload may delay the implementation of a modern emergency management solution. Our on-site consultation package offers the configuration and training you need to start operating more efficiently. Our experienced consultants will configure your ArcGIS organization account, deploy seven critical workflows for emergency management, and teach your team best practices in leveraging Web GIS.

Transform your emergency operations center

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Five-Day Implementation and Training

A consultation service to expedite the implementation of your modern emergency operations workflow.

Configure your ArcGIS Organization.

Our on-site consultant will implement information products and workflows, then provide best practices for leveraging GIS in your organization.

Establish the seven critical workflows.

An Esri representative will configure and deploy your situational awareness viewer, damage assessment app, public information function, and more.

Take a self-paced training course.

This e-learning course focuses on shelter location analysis and damage assessment. It is designed to complement the consultative services package.

Transform your workflow in just five days.

Let's continue the conversation about your emergency operations workflow! Please complete the form below, and one of our representatives will reach out to provide more information and assess your organization's needs.