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Advanced GIS Maps and Floorplan Data in RapidSOS Portal

Available for free to public safety agencies, RapidSOS Portal provides unprecedented situational awareness with the precise location of 911 callers and additional lifesaving data like medical and demographic information. During an emergency, understanding the holistic view of an incident can reduce response time and allow for the smarter allocation of resources. In partnership with Esri and GeoComm, RapidSOS Portal will soon be integrated with ArcGIS location and indoor mapping technology to empower safer and stronger communities.

Secure Emergency Data at Your Fingertips

Access rich 911 caller data like never before—triage calls, view floor maps, and contextualize emergencies all in one interface.

Real-time Location

Watch incoming calls populate on your map in real-time and track location of 911 callers, even as they move.

2D Indoor Mapping

Gain a clearer picture of surroundings and examine potential risks to make better informed decisions about how to allocate resources.

Additional Incident Data

Access rich data that enhances situational awareness and improves emergency response outcomes in your community

Access to Floorplan Data

Users of the new Esri technology-based Rapid SOS Portal will be able to leverage GeoComm's public safety content-as-a-service platform. In particular, GeoComm will provide the ability to view indoor maps depicting floors, rooms, corridors, entrances, exits, and other building features.  Indoor maps, when combined with device-based locations of 911 callers, create an ultra-actionable view into an emergency location that can help to streamline and reduce emergency response times, ultimately helping to save lives and protect property.  GeoComm's platform includes a national indoor map portal and associated services for gathering source data from building owners and operators. The platform uploads, processes, and curates data and makes it available to 911 public safety answering points (PSAPs) through the RapidSOS Portal.

"This partnership between GeoComm, Esri, and RapidSOS will give our 911 professionals the most advanced view possible of an emergency, enabling first responders with knowledge of the incident's location within a building, as well as critical data about the type of emergency occurring."—Rodger Mann, 911 GIS Manager, North Central Texas Emergency Communications District

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