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Security and Resilience Webinar

Esri Public Safety Webinar Series

Site Security: Applying National Security Principles to a Self-Contained Environment

Protecting and securing the critical infrastructure and key assets of any nation are paramount to its safety, security, and economic stability.

The objective of this webinar is to apply tried and trusted national security principles to self-contained environments, such as universities, business parks, casinos, sports stadiums, military bases, and large government facilities.

Through this case study style webinar, you will see how Esri leveraged the ArcGIS platform as a facility security tool to secure our 2020 Esri Federal GIS Conference in Washington, DC. During the event, we hosted nearly 5,000 guests, including government officials and Esri's leadership team and hundreds of employees, in a small, contained area.

We will walk through various workflows, including how to use GIS to

  • Analyze historical and real-time incident data.
  • Conduct a tactical site survey. 
  • Build operational preplans. 
  • Dispatch assignments to a mobile field force.
  • Track tactical assets in real time.
  • Manage status of reported incidents.
  • Conduct a rapid hazard analysis.

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