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Save time and resources with a comprehensive solution

Ensuring the safety of our country’s roads is a top priority held by Departments of Transportation. The materials sampling and testing process is a crucial part of this initiative and ensures suppliers deliver quality products. Reliance on paper forms and ambiguity in making field assignments, clog the process.

The Esri Materials Management solution is a comprehensive materials management tool, that digitizes the workflow and facilitates a speedier, more efficient operation, promoting accountability, improving record keeping, and elevating project standards.

Efficiencies gained promote a decreased risk for fines and a shorter life cycle of construction projects.

Go from paper to digital
Automate workflows

Digitize the materials process
Save time and money

Control the process to keep projects on schedule
Reduce errors

Maintain standards with configurable test limits

Assign sample collection and lab test tasks

With a geospatial view, search and select inspectors, assign collection and inspection tasks, and view their geographic location in the field in real time.

Navigate to supplier and lab locations

Inspectors navigate to inspection sites using an Esri app, which provides turn-by-turn directions from their current location, on and offline.

Conduct materials inspection and lab testing

Inspectors record field observations and lab test results in a mobile device that sends automatic notifications of results.

Monitor data and share results

Customize a dashboard with real-time data streams to allow personnel to review key performance indicators.

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