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Take charge of main breaks

Discover how much your utility can be saving

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Gain control and respond to breaks quickly

Manage planned and emergency outages with Esri's complete location-based water outage solution. Enable your field staff to quickly isolate the broken main, send notifications to people that need to know, and coordinate repair activities.

  • Minimize Damage and Loss—Quickly shut down your system to minimize flooding, sinkholes, property damage, street closures, and disruption to your community.
  • Be In Charge of the Situation—Avoid costly mistakes and extended downtime by knowing what's happening, where is service disrupted, and when will the system be restored.
  • Improve Customer Satisfaction—Reduce public frustrations and build trust with your customers with timely information.

Main Break Water Savings

Discover how much your water utility can be saving

Use the Water Main Break Savings App to receive a customized report to see how much money your water utility can be saving.

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