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Smart Hospital with ArcGIS Indoors

Indoors Webinar Series

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The connected hospital

The health care industry is rapidly changing, and institutions are facing many new challenges. ArcGIS Indoors provides the means to address these changes and create smart, digitally connected hospitals. Using the power of location, hospitals are able to provide all personnel with clear insights into all workplace processes, enhancing operational efficiencies and collaboration. Indoor location data allows management to make better informed decisions on resource allocation, building layout, operations, and facility management.

Increase efficiency and patient satisfaction

  • Provide a transparent workplace information system and streamline operations.
  • Optimize facility management, maintenance, and resource utilization.
  • Understand when and where resources are needed and allocate them accordingly.
  • Provide patients with quality service and minimize readmission rates.
  • Make better informed decisions with location data.
Smart Hospital Operations with ArcGIS Indoors Webinar

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