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Unlock the power of IoT

Oil and gas organizations have an opportunity to improve their businesses by better leveraging IoT data produced by networks and sensors. Remote monitoring of assets, predictive maintenance, and process optimization are a few of the benefits that organizations can gain from their IoT data. ArcGIS Velocity is a SaaS solution that helps organizations ingest, visualize, analyze, and act on data from sensors. It also helps organizations process high-volume historical data to gain insights into patterns, trends, and anomalies. 

What will we cover in this webinar?

Demos will show the real-time and big data analytic workflows to reduce operating costs

  • Enable the digital oil field with monitoring of real-time SCADA data feeds
  • Respond to live weather data to protect employees and critical assets
  • Analyze vehicle location tracking data to enable pumping by exception and efficient routing of fieldwork

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