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Consider ArcGIS Drone Collections

Frequently asked questions

Built by Esri, ArcGIS Drone Collection is a bundle of four prepackaged configurations of ArcGIS products specifically tailored for working with drones to create authoritative information products for mapping, GIS, 3D visualization, for use in a variety of industries. 

The four collections are the following:

  • Drone Mapping collection
  • Drone Mapping and Analysis collection
  • Online Drone Mapping collection
  • Enterprise Drone Mapping and Analysis collection


Each collection provides a different level of scalability and functionality to meet the various processing needs of different organizations. Because ArcGIS is scalable to meet the needs of the organization, ArcGIS Drone Collection takes advantage of these scalable capabilities to support your work and deliver results. 

Submit your contact information and a representative will reach out to help you identify which collection is right for your organization's needs.

Drone2Map for ArcGIS is a premium app that streamlines the creation of professional imagery products from drone data. Drone collections are individual product configurations tailored to meet a variety of user requirements. Drone2Map is part of the Drone Mapping collection and the Drone Mapping and Analysis collection, along with other software. 

Consider the size of your drone program, your workflow, and whether cloud processing is required. Organizations with one or two drones and small project sites consider the Drone Mapping or Drone Mapping and Analysis collection. Organizations with a fleet of drones that need cloud computing usually select the Online Drone Mapping collection or the Enterprise Drone Mapping and Analysis collection. 

The drone collections are designed to be drone agnostic, so they work with any type of drone. Ensure that your drone collects latitude, longitude, and altitude coordinates. Most commercially available drones automatically add this information to the image metadata (the EXIF header of each image file) so that complementary software can automatically ingest the drone data.

Both the Drone Mapping and Analysis and the Enterprise Drone Mapping and Analysis collections include full-motion video (FMV) processing tools. You can manage and interact with video that is embedded with geospatial metadata. ArcGIS displays FMV as data layers. It also extracts metadata from video feeds for real-time mapping and analysis. 

Yes, you can share drone data as well as maps, apps, and other types of data using ArcGIS Online, which is included in all four collections. 

Yes. If you have the Drone Mapping or the Drone Mapping and Analysis collection, which are designed for a stand-alone PC configuration. Scaling is accomplished by adding more compute power (cores or GPUs) on the computer you are using for processing. Online Drone Mapping and Enterprise Drone Mapping and Analysis help you to scale.

Yes. All drone mapping collections provide a flight planning application. 

For the Drone Mapping and Drone Mapping and Analysis collections, refer to the computer specifications for Drone2Map. The Online Drone Mapping collection is a complete software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering. For the Enterprise Drone Mapping and Analysis collection, refer to the system requirements for Enterprise and Image.

No. The Online Drone Mapping collection is a SaaS offering managed in the cloud. You only need a web browser to use it. Simply log on to your account and all the capabilities are provided via web applications. All other ArcGIS Drone Collection software includes ArcGIS, which runs on a desktop or server.

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