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Get the Latest United States Census Data

Spatial Data Webinar Series

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Power your Workflows with the Living Atlas: American Community Survey Data

Kick off your new year right with newly released American Community Survey (ACS) data layers in ArcGIS Living Atlas of the World. These ready-to-use layers allow instant access to publicly available, fully documented, and ready-to-analyze data sourced directly from the US Census. Watch the webinar to explore the capabilities of the ACS layers, introduce common workflow scenarios, and learn how to make a web map using the newest released demographic data available. These layers cover topics such as basic population characteristics, housing, education, poverty, home ownership, employment, and many more that you can use as is or customize for your specific needs.

About the American Community Survey (ACS)

Every year, the United States Census Bureau conducts a survey of over 3.5 million households in the United States. Households are sampled at random and data is collected to create up-to-date population records on social, economic, housing, and demographic statistics. This data is now available in easily accessible layers within ArcGIS Living Atlas of the World.