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Aerial image of CERN campus with points of interest marked and routes highlighted from one building overlaid with an indoor GIS map

CERN Uses Indoor GIS for Space Management

Maximizing the power of location

The world's largest particle physics lab turns to indoor GIS to manage assets and facilities across their enormous campus.

See how indoor GIS aids large-scale asset management

CERN facilities span across both France and Switzerland, comprising the world's largest particle physics laboratory. With over 700 buildings, 15,000 scientists and students, and 300,000 assets across 220 hectares, CERN has a greater asset management challenge than most organizations.

CERN has standardized its indoor GIS data model across campuses, allowing it to find, assign, and manage office spaces. Using the wayfinding capability, staff can more easily move from one location to another.

See success in action

Indoor GIS is for more than simply managing office space. CERN also uses GIS to manage assets underground where the particle accelerators are located. This ensures highly accurate alignment of the superconducting magnets while fostering collaboration between departments so they can share their work with the organization at large.

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