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Operational Intelligence for Successful City Special Events

How a geographic approach promotes situational awareness for public events in big cities

Learn how leading global cities like Chicago are using geospatial technology to enhance awareness, planning, and communication

Public special events are the heart and soul of any community, but they require a level of operational intelligence that grows more complex by the day. Decision-makers and public safety leaders in cities like Chicago face distinctive logistic challenges that require intense behind-the-scenes planning of every imaginable facet—crowd control, traffic congestion, sanitary facilities, first aid, and more. Geographic information system (GIS) technology gives the web of local, regional, and federal managers who collaborate for event safety the means to plan together and communicate and coordinate actions in real time.

In this ebook, you’ll read success stories from Chicago and other innovative cities that are using this technology to plan and manage complex events by    

  • Collecting, analyzing, and sharing data. 
  • Spatially enabling operations. 
  • Achieving real-time intelligence. 
  • Integrating important business systems. 
  • Improving transparency and speeding up consensus.  
  • Bringing stakeholders together for shared solutions.

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