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GIS and BIM Integration: A High-Level Global Report

From Esri, Autodesk, and Geospatial World

Research confirms that GIS and BIM lead to sustainable AEC project delivery

GIS and BIM are critical for the digitalization of AEC design processes

Geographic information system (GIS) and building information modeling (BIM) integration isn’t new in the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry. This type of integration puts BIM project data in a geospatial context, leading to effective and efficient design, enhanced project management, and improved coordination and collaboration among stakeholders.

To understand the state of integrated geospatial and model-based AEC work, Esri undertook a global research and report effort with Autodesk and Geospatial World. The findings include insights from design consultants, construction professionals, and owners and operators into their use of GIS and BIM for sustainable project delivery.

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