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Two people in yellow safety vests and white hard hats sharing a laptop display as they discuss something unseen in the distance, with a 3D model of a sprawling city in blue and white in the background

Three Ways GIS Can Boost the Bottom Line for AEC Teams

Explore how GIS integrates with building information modeling to provide a complete picture of a project.

Three key areas where GIS can benefit contractors

Today’s AEC professionals are under enormous pressure, with labor shortages, tighter schedules, and growing project complexity.

This playbook explores how contractors can integrate geographic information systems, or GIS, and location intelligence into the BIM workflow to improve deliverables, insights, decision-making and customer satisfaction.

Learn how Esri’s ArcGIS technology:

  • improves field data workflows by connecting location-specific digital drawings, punch lists, maps, and other information
  • coordinates projects across the company for faster data access to develop repeatable workflows and reduce costs
  •  keeps stakeholders informed and goals aligned through the project life cycle for cost-effective, timely completion

Download the playbook