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Modern GIS Is Web GIS

Teaching GIS Using ArcGIS Online

A Higher Education On-Demand Webinar

blue background with two map images in the foreground with someone pointing at a computer

Faculty Discussion on Moving Courses to a Web-Based Framework

Symbology, joins, spatial analysis, and many other core GIS functions can now be used and taught using web-based GIS. Rather than listening to Esri staff talk about how this is possible, this webinar will feature university faculty discussing their successes and challenges in moving their courses to a web-based framework. 

This webinar will also highlight recent tutorials and lessons (available at no cost) that were developed by Esri to help instructors teach Python, scripting, automation, remote sensing, configuring web applications, and more.

Webinar speakers you can look forward to hearing from:

  • Charlotte Smith, UC Berkeley – discussing teaching dashboards
  • Shawn Morgan, Fleming College  – web services, web architecture, etc.
  • Rodolfo Franco, District University in Bogotá, Colombia – 3D (Scenes), Storymaps, and Pro

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