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Tribal governments were some of the earliest adopters of GIS technology, and it is currently used in road inventories, archaeological site management, economic development projects, analysis and visualization of health information, and everything in between. This webinar series will focus on building out a modern infrastructure using ArcGIS technology.

On Demand

Leveraging a GIS-Based Digital Twin to Advance Your Community

Time: On Demand

Location: Virtual

Cost: No cost

Language: English

A digital twin is a virtual representation of current conditions in a community—economic status, roads, electrical outages, broadband availability—modeled from systems of record, data from real-time sensors, and behaviors.
Learn how tribal governments can design and use a digital twin to

  • Leverage incoming resources to understand and improve their critical infrastructure.
  • Modernize how to capture and visualize data, integrate networks, and analyze information.
  • Make the right decisions, discover new patterns, and unlock data's potential with real-time information and an authoritative network.

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