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Assessing Risk and Vulnerability Using GIS

The first of three webinars in a series about enhancing safety and resilience in communities

Understand the interconnected nature of risk and community vulnerability to enhance community wide safety and resilience

Mapping and visualizing hazards is only part of ensuring safety and resilience in your community. Assessing the potential impacts of hazards on your critical assets and the people you serve is key to understanding vulnerability and risk.

An effective risk and vulnerability assessment requires thorough comprehension of the social and demographic characteristics that exacerbate impacts from a hazard; the evolving aspects of your community landscape that contribute to poverty, crime, transportation, and housing constraints; and how climate change is increasing the threat of natural hazards.

Join Esri, Harvard Humanitarian Initiative, and the National Alliance for Public Safety GIS Foundation (NAPSG), for a webinar on geographic information systems (GIS) solutions and configurations that support risk and vulnerability assessments, which can allow you to target your efforts towards building community resilience.

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