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Hear from a new kind of business analyst

Leading companies are beginning to recognize the value of analysts who combine business savvy and location analysis skills. In this discussion, we’ll hear from a standout group of analysts on how their work brings value to their companies and supports today’s most critical business challenges.

For executives and decision-makers throughout the business world, location intelligence is becoming central to day-to-day operations and strategic planning. In this discussion, we’ll explore:

  • The profile of the new analyst
  • How they contribute to executive decisions
  • How their skills are evolving to meet emerging business needs

Meet the Panelists

WhereNext Editor Chris Chiappinelli will lead a discussion with a distinguished group of panelists.

Ahna Miller, Driscoll’s GIS Platform Manager; Brandon Stoker, Chick-fil-A's Senior Principal Network Lead; Cyhana Lena Williams, Voltic Ghana's GIS Mapping Specialist; Lucas McDonald, Walmart's Director of Emergency Operations

Watch the recording