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Sandbags stacked in a parking lot to hold back approaching floodwaters

A New Road Map for Risk and Resilience

A WhereNext webcast

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Learn how leading companies create resilience.

In the face of storms, security challenges, and supply chain bottlenecks, executives and analysts are eager to strengthen their companies against disruption. For industry leaders, resilience begins with visibility into what's happening to people, assets, and facilities—as well as what might happen in years to come, and where to take action.

This WhereNext webcast examines the changing nature of business risk and how smart companies use location intelligence to create resilience.

Join WhereNext editor Chris Chiappinelli for a thought-provoking conversation with industry experts. 

Key Insight from Experienced Panelists

As weather risks and business hazards rise, resilience grows more important. WhereNext editor Chris Chiappinelli speaks with industry experts to learn their strategies for assessing and addressing risk through location intelligence:

  • Mary Lennon, Climate Impact Advisor, Fannie Mae
  • Rutger de Koning, Product Owner, GIS. Bouwinvest
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