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Mapping Two Sides of Sustainability—Reduction and Resilience

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How do companies reduce their impact on climate while improving their resilience to climate change?

The definition of sustainability varies among business leaders, but when it comes to climate, two activities dominate executive priorities:

  • Reduction: Decreasing greenhouse gas emissions and carbon footprints through efficient operations, alternative energy sources, improved logistics, and smarter resource use
  • Resilience: Assessing climate-related threats to the business, customers, and communities, while working to reduce risk

Investors and insurers are pressing for disclosure of climate-related risks, while consumers and regulators are demanding action. Companies that ignore these forces could see the cost of operations and capital rise—along with long-term business risks.

On this webcast, we hear how companies approach both aspects of sustainability—reducing their footprint on climate while bolstering resilience to climate volatility. And we explore how location intelligence guides these efforts.

Meet the Panelists

WhereNext editor Chris Chiappinelli leads an insightful conversation with these panelists:

  • Douglas Park, Ph.D.,  ERM
    • Partner and North American Climate Physical Risk Lead
  • Marcus Krembs, Enel North America
    • Head of Sustainability, USA and Canada  
  • Alex Martonik, Esri
    • Industry Lead, Business Resilience  
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